Alessandro Rabitti

This is me

I am a webdeveloper based in Amsterdam. I currently work as a frontender for The Secret Lab, a web company that offers solutions from web design to development, from Seo to marketing strategy.

What I'm doing is responsive websites, web applications also isomorphic and web magazines. I always keep my eyes open to the latest technologies like AngularJS, ReactJS. My focus is on writing simple, modular and functional code, from smaller to larger scenario projects. Meanwhile, my background as a backender makes me appreciate the logic and technical aspect of the applications I work for.

What I love is to be involved in ambitious and challenging projects where I can offer solutions and creativity. I get inspired by working with amazing and open-minded colleagues, and by always learning new things.


This is what I know

  • Languages, markup, frameworks and package managers
    • HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bourbon, LESS, PHP5
    • Javascript, JQuery
    • Ajax, JSON, Xml
    • Bootstrap
    • Smarty
    • AngularJS, ReactJS
    • ES6
    • npm, Bower, Composer
    • Grunt, Gulp, Babel, Webpack
    • GoogleMap API
    • Blade
    • Xsl, Xslt, ExtJS
    • Bash
    • Node.js, Express
    • Redux
    • Slim Framework, Phalcon PHP Framework
    • C#, Python, Java, C
  • Research and Development
  • DBMS: MsSql Server, MySql, PostgreSql, Query Optimization, MongoDb
  • Web services: Restler RESTful API, Facebook API, Twitter API, Instagram API, API
  • CMS experiences: Wordpress, Laravel, Stacey
  • Version control: Git, Gitflow, SVN
  • Streaming and multimedia technologies for e-learning, live and on-demand events
  • IDE: NuSphere PHPEd, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Zend Studio, Visual Studio 2010
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac Os X, Linux

This is it

Why not feeling an eternal student? The webdeveloper life is an endless school, and that is exciting!

So if you think it could be interesting to have a chat with me, don't hesitate, you could , have a look at my or check my social connections.

Thank you for your time.


This is because

My warmest thanks to Alba and Alfredo, without them, I wouldn't be where / what / who I am now.